Monday, December 3, 2007

Quote of the Now

"Now, of course, if agitation + dilution could produce some sort of powerful effect, then washing machines around the world would be churning out huge quantities of homeopathic socks." ~"Bad" of The Bad Idea Blog

I'm trying to imagine what homeopathic socks could possibly be good for and thinking homeopaths would be more likely to claim that washing machines produce homeopathic sock water. Which, in accordance with the homeopathic principle of similia similibus curentur, would be the ideal cure for smelly feet.

Man, that's a brilliant idea supported by remarkably sound logic! Why doesn't everyone drink from their washers? I'm going to start bottling the stuff and hock it from a roadside stand for $9.95 a bottle.

1 comment:

PalMD said...

Homeopathic socks...hmmm..remember, Avogadro's number is halved for socks, since one always disappears in the dryer.