Friday, January 25, 2008


I'd like to point you all in the general direction of RxWiki.

RxWiki is a wiki that only licensed pharmacists are permitted to edit; it's being compiled as a resource for anyone, but it's generally being directed at patients. I've been browsing it a bit myself, and I'm very impressed so far. Apparently they have a panel of pharmacists who review everything and approve articles, and they're endorsed by the APhA.

I do take serious issue with their little blurb that's currently on the front page about placebos. The information presented in the articles seems solid, though.

Check it out. I think it might just become my new source for links whenever I cite a drug name.


Stavmar said...

Hey BD. I actually work for the organization that manages RxWiki. Do you think once you graduate you might want to contribute to the wiki itself?

Send me an e-mail and I can make sure that you would be good to go once the license is on the wall. Also if you have any other colleagues or friends who might also be interested tell them to send a contact message.

N.B. said...

When I graduate, I would be more than interested. Having a good, accurate online database for patients will help a lot; it can be tough to get good information about drugs online. I'll pass on the word. It looks like you guys are doing some solid work!

Anonymous said...

Great site, N.B. its amazing you find the time to do this while still in pharmacy school!! You are very dedicated. I am a pharmacist as well. here is the link to my blog.