Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Selected Conversation of the Evening

From tonight's work shift. This phone call left me thinking.

"Hello, thank you for calling CorpoPharmacy, this is N.B., how can I help you?"

[shrill old woman's voice] "What's the name of that disease that's going around, it's killing lots of people and everyone is getting it?"


"You know! It's that disease, everyone has it..."

"Do you...er..."

"Why can't you just tell me what it is!?"

"Ma'am, you're being very vague. I don't actually know what you're asking."

"Everyone's getting it!"

"...do you have some idea as to what causes it?"

"NO! Nobody knows what causes it!"

"Er, no, I meant...how does it spread? Animal bites..."

[she cuts me off] "NO! You get it, it's spreading, it affects your brain, and you forget things!"


"YES!" *click*

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