Thursday, November 29, 2007

Blog Around the Clock

A blogger by the name of apgaylard posted this excellent bit about homeopathy yesterday, and it's a shame I didn't see it sooner. Through some remarkable detective work, he managed to dig up several studies that were done in an attempt to refute complaints by homeopaths that the results of some homeopathy studies were "secret." These studies, particularly strong evidence against homeopathy, were supposedly hidden from homeopaths--perhaps they suspected that they weren't as damning as they thought, and that homeopathy would finally get its due if they were only exposed to the light?

Naturally, that wasn't true.

Also, a big thanks to The Bad Idea Blog for the link to my entry about Hoodia. In return, I'll have to plug his thoughts on upcoming book-turned-film The Golden Compass, a film that has raised a remarkable amount of controversy among some acquaintences of mine and spurred some very interesting discussion. Bad's blog is excellent and I regret not reading it more frequently!

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