Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Got Meme'd

So a few days back PalMD slapped me with a meme--and who am I to defy the will of the blogosphere by resisting the viral transmission of ideas? Of course, I hadn't really planned on getting around to participating until after exams for the week were done, but I found myself getting a bit of a breather.

1. Go to page 123 of the nearest book.
2. Find the 5th sentence.
3. Write down the next 3 sentences.

Note to fellow bloggers. Don't do this when your significant other is in the room, lest she hand you the nearest book.

"And even though the residual soul welcomes the invader, something in it always recognizes the particular soul of which it was once a part. It will choose that soul if there is a battle. And even a bewildered soul can make a powerful attempt to reclaim its mortal frame."

The Tale of the Body Thief, by Anne Rice, book four of the Vampire Chronicles.

Do you really expect me to analyze this? I certainly hope not.

I think I'll have to tag pharmacy colleague Abel Pharmboy and Bad of the Bad Idea Blog.

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