Friday, March 7, 2008

Nothing I Can Say Will Top This

Orac's Friday Dose of Woo for the week has left me so jaw-droppingly stupefied that I can say absolutely nothing that will top his post.

Someone claims to have discovered the Philospher's Stone.

Not only that, but it will give you god-like powers. In fact, the only ability you don't get, as far as I can discern, is the ability to turn undead, which would arguably be useless unless somebody discovers a way to create zombies over the weekend. Maybe Big Pharma will unleash the T-virus and we'll all be totally screwed. Who knows.

That makes me wonder. Would "zombies" created by the T-virus actually be affected by turn undead? After all, they're technically living, just infected with a pathogen that alters their physiology, kind of like the zombies in 28 Days Later. This is going to be on my mind for the rest of the day.

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