Friday, September 19, 2008

Abortion Issue Major Deciding Factor for Catholic Voters

I realize that this is probably kind of like saying "water issue major deciding factor for fish voters," but:

Many "small-town Catholics" are opting to support McCain on the abortion issue alone. Or so they say. That can't be the whole picture:

One parishioner ruled out voting for Mr. Obama explicitly because he is black. “Are they going to make it the Black House?” Ray McCormick asked, to embarrassed hushing from a half dozen others gathered around the rectory kitchen. (Five of the six, all lifelong Democrats who supported Mrs. Clinton in the primary, said they now lean toward Mr. McCain.)

Man, you can still say things like that in public without being ostracized for being a terrible human being? We sure have made progress in America these past 50 years or so.

Many parishes distributed a voter guide, produced by an outside conservative Catholic group called Catholic Answers, which identified five “nonnegotiable” issues for faithful voters: abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, human cloning, euthanasia and same-sex marriage.

I think that's pretty stellar. It's totally acceptable to re-elect a member of a political party whose flawed policies have sent our economy down the tubes. We should definitely consider with seriousness a candidate whose health care plan is no health care plan at all. We should get behind a man who doesn't seem to realize that "clean coal" technology doesn't fix the fossil fuel reliance problem.

We should do all of these things because we care more about blastocysts than ambulatory human beings and the idea of gays having proper civil rights is just terrifying.

America the beautiful.

(H/t Mike the Mad Biologist).


Santiago Chiva, Granada said...

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