Friday, September 5, 2008

Thank You, Orac, or: A Little Knowledge

This is what happens when people who know absolutely nothing about how to do science get their hands on a little bit of scientific data. An excerpt from Orac's post:

According to Mrs. Janak, less than one milligram of histidine is going to cause nausea, vomiting, and irritable bowel syndrome. Mrs. Janak needs to learn some units before she embarrasses herself by posting such burning stupid to the web. But she's just getting warmed up. She fixates on an observation that histidine is involved in the regulation of of trace minerals and concludes that getting all that histidine (remember, 0.78 mg worth, to be precise!) must somehow mess up the body's metabolism of heavy metals and cause heavy metal poisoning.

Orac, know that if I could, I would have your children. You've probably already found someone else to do that by now, assuming you want them, and I lack the essential plumbing, but the offer stands in some sort of metaphysical context.

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