Sunday, September 21, 2008

New and Improved! Now With Even MORE Sodium!

Er, wait a minute, I'm not advertising Grandma Georgia's Lard-o-hardtack, I'm throwing Mike the Mad Biologist another set of major props.

There's just no way I could've said it better myself. Mike is nailing this healthcare thing lately.

...the key point is this: people don't want exciting 'health insurance products', they want adequate care when they are sick. Also, how are we supposed to choose the 'right' healthcare...

...none of us have any way to evaluate if the insurance we have picked will provide the healthcare we need if something disastrous (or even mildly annoying) strikes. I have no idea if something bad happens (and there are many kinds of 'somethings bad') whether my plan will provide the healthcare I need. Would I have access to the specialists I might require? Which treatments would be covered, and for how long?

Tonight, I raise my scotch glass to you, Mike, for a succinct and elegant explanation of everything that's wrong with McCain's vision of healthcare.

Also, Chuck Dupree, a commentor on Paul Krugman's blog, has hit the nail on the head and driven it through the board with one swift stroke:

Add me to the list of those who can’t figure out why we’re talking about insurance. I don’t want insurance. I want health care, and I don’t see why insurance companies should be involved.

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Thanks, although the Mad Biologist advises scotch consumption in moderation.